MIMS Final Project 2023, MYND, School of Information


A growing number of Americans are struggling with some type of mental health illness with each passing year. In 2022, 19.86%—an equivalent of 50 million Americans—were reported to be experiencing mental illness. Mental illness and symptoms of mental illness are in most cases a part of the equation when assessing death by suicide. Beyond an individual and their immediate family, mental health issues also have a ripple effect on the community and country as a whole, with an estimated 12% of all emergency room visits resulting from struggles with mental health. We therefore aim to significantly reduce the number of mental health crises by providing a mental health resource that proactively assesses the user’s day-to-day mental health and empowers them to take control of their lives.¹


MYND is an app designed to empower users to be proactive about their mental health by monitoring the user’s mental wellbeing


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