Who Should Apply?

Joining a yearly CoLab Cohort:

As many UC Berkeley students know, space is a critical resource and especially for students who are working on a start up or project in addition to school, work, and other life responsibilities. They types of teams we can best support are ones that could benefit from:

  • A space to meet with team members and other collaborators
  • A designated work space to prototype or further your project
  • A place to store their materials
  • Access to the various prototyping facilities on campus 
  • Connections to a network of subject matter experts  
  • Being a part of an environment of fellow innovators in the medical innovation space 

Becoming a CoLab Affiliated Student Group:

If you are a registered student organization that is working on a medical innovation to increase access to health care, we welcome you to apply! 

Specifically, we are looking for student organizations who could benefit from:

  • A space to hold team meetings 
  •  A space to carry out their project or organization’s goals 
  • Being a part of a medical innovation ecosystem

What Do We Offer?

What we offer our CoLab Teams: 

1. Guaranteed reserved workbench to work and prototype 

2. Guaranteed storage space 

3. Access to Maker Pass to assist in prototyping

4. Ability to reserve CoLab Conference rooms and main CoLab space (approval through the CoLab Manager)

5. Access to the CoLab Community and CoLab Cohort

What we offer CoLab Affiliated Student Groups:

1.  Access to available workbench tables

2. Ability to reserve CoLab Conference Rooms (approval through the CoLab Manager)

3. Ability to reserve main CoLab space (approval through CoLab Manger)

CoLab Application Process

 Fill out and submit an application here (link) and the Health Tech CoLab manager will contact you with next steps.


Priority Deadline: 11:59 PM November 30th, 2021 

Second Priority Deadline: 11:59 PM January 18th, 2022

Applications will first be reviewed on November 30th where teams will be chosen on a rolling basis. 


Application Process:

After the Nov. 30th Priority deadline, selected candidates will be interviewed and CoLab Teams will be chosen until all 6 spaces are filled.



In order to apply, the Team Lead must:

1. Complete 2021-2022 Health Technologies Collaborative Laboratory Cohort Application.

2. Upload pdf with responses to Proposal Questions listed below to the Application.

3. Submit Application


Proposal Requirements:

In a single pdf, please answer the below questions giving approximately a paragraph for each question. There is no page or word limit but please include a references page and use standard font and spacing. Please feel free to contact the Manager of the CoLab, Karenna at if you have any questions about the application requirements. 


1. Background

  • Describe the healthcare problem your work is addressing.
  • Who is affected and what is the scope of the issue? 

2. Project: 

  • How does your project address the identified problem?
  • Describe the technology and/or platform being utilized by your solution.
  • How does your solution increase access to health care? 

3. Existing Solutions:

  • Please describe other existing solutions or similar solutions that are trying to tackle the problem you are working to address.  

4. Team: 

  • Who are the members of your team? Please include their roles and areas of expertise.
  • Does your team have an advisor(s)?
  • If you are in search of team members, describe the skill set you are looking for.

5. Implementation:

  • How will your product or service reach the people that need it?
  • What are your plans to scale? Commercialization plans?

6. Next steps:

If accepted into the CoLab Cohort, please describe your activities for the next year

  • Overall goals to be achieved by end of CoLab Term (1 year)
  • Specific goals to be accomplished by the end of each semester.

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