Battling Bacteria in the Age of Resistance

Please join us on April 8th, 3pm – 5pm at the Health Tech CoLab in 120 Blum Hall to learn about and discuss current research happening on campus around antibiotic resistant bacteria. Professors Niren Murthy and Lee Riley will discuss the impact of antibiotic resistant bacteria on public health and current research addressing these challenges.
We will have presentations from each participating lab, a group discussion, and networking with food and refreshments provided. Please fill out the RSVP form to receive a calendar invite with the agenda and virtual participation information.
Thanks and hope to see you there!

Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day

“We invite you to join us on May 3rd to celebrate the outstanding innovations of the 2022- 2023 Big Ideas contest! Learn more about the 2022- 2023 finalists below and RSVP HERE.”

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